Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

March 10th We said our goodbyes on wednesday

We will close the chapters to our lives

We had some ups and downs through out the years

I want to call you so bad and make up

But your right your not my husband nor

My man

In everyones eyes they've seen to see something 3 years

I've been holding on to

All that you've done said and did

I wanted to leave you so many times

I thought that I might be the one to change your playin' ways

As long as you had a freak in your


I was wrong

The pain remains in my stomach running

through out my body slowly

We've been friends and Lovers for years now

Today is the I

Say Goodbye

The feeling that I had can't compare to my 1st


The hurt is real

Fair well to all the nights we used to sneak around

By S Johnson

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