Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was born in the 15th Century BC
Royal lineage
When both of my brothers and my farther passed, I was appointed to the throne.
Begin a Pharaoh was unprecedented and unheard of.
I was able to stay Queen until my nephew came of age
Me and my nephew ruled jointly until 1473
I declared myself as a pharaoh
Handled all the affairs of the nature with the full support of the high Priest of Amun. Hapuseneb and other officials
Respected by Egyptian people
Built temples Beir el Bhari “ lover of silence”
Organization of a journey to the land of punt to trade brought back precious and rare articles back to enhance the wealth for Egyptian nation
Trade trees, ebony, ivory, gold, cinnamon, incense, eye paint, apes, monkeys and skins of southern panthers
built two giant obelisks, each about one hundred feet high, and erected them in Thebes
I ruled for about 15 to 21 years after taking the throne
A huge temple, called the 'morning temple,' was built to honor Hatshepsut

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